Who are you?

Launched in November 2003, Dinamo 103.8 FM is Istanbul's premier electronic/indie/urban music radio station. We broadcast on 103.8 FM in Istanbul and the internet at dinamo.fm. Apart from discovering and broadcasting the best of what independent music has to offer, Dinamo prides itself on spawning creative platforms for talented artists and djs to flourish. Dinamo has organized more than 200 events ranging from parties, launch events, concerts to festivals.

Why this app?

We recently realized that the amount of good music we want you to hear does not fit on a single FM frequency, so we decided to launch more channels and deliver them to you via this app. Oh, and we think FM sounds like crap for music this beautiful.

Why do you have only 5 channels?

There are more channels on the way. We do not like rushing things. We are a bit too meticulous for our own good to be honest. We would have countless channels if we made playlists with robots or algorithms like most other music services do, but we like to have that human touch. And that takes time.

I have another question.

"Dancing. Prancing. Grooving. Keep on moving. Flying. Stop your crying. Choosing while you're cruising. Music is the answer to your problems. Keep on moving then you can solve them." sang Celeda on that epic track by Danny Tenaglia - Music is the Answer. Go listen to that or just go ahead and ask us :)